"The Strategic Planner & Daily Agenda for living a Well-Designed Life"

I recently purchased a Day Designer planner and daily agenda and I have to say I am so so happy I did!!! I searched for ages for a really nice planner as I love the paper kind (I’m not into electronic diaries so much) and I finally stumbled upon the Day Designer, I think via Instagram on the designers page: whitneyenglish. I purchased it from the States so the postage charges to Australia were a little steep but it was totally worth it. My days are so much more organised and I have a lot less in my head in terms of my to-do list. It’s all down on paper now and I feel so relieved and less stressed. Can you tell I’m totally impressed with this planner? So anyway, I can highly recommend this to anyone who is also searching for a great planner. I just had to put this out there so you could see it for yourselves. You can see their planners here: Day Designer

Inside of the diary


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