What to do with yourself when you're 37 weeks pregnant and counting down...

Yesterday we decided to head out locally to check out our new corner store. It was great to meet some locals and see the new shop…and to be part of our cute little community. I also had fun getting dressed and doing my hair, funnily enough. It is because I’m mostly hanging out at home these days just waiting for our baby to arrive and to take it easy, so heading out was kind of nice, even if it was just a little local trip. Anyway I really like the cute maternity dress I was wearing as it’s so light and easy to wear – especially when it’s hot and muggy outside. The gold sandals are somewhat dressier than summer thongs/flip-flops and still are very comfortable to wear when I can’t wear anything other than flats at the moment.

I also decided to attempt another hair-do but it didn’t work out as planned. It’s meant to look like a pull-through braid that I converted into a bun at the back of my head. It didn’t really turn out right but I think it still looks alright. Doing my hair is always great fun and I always feel more dressed and ready for the day when I’ve done something nice or different with my hair.

I’m actually finding it really tough to write today because I just feel really big, pregnant, tired, hot and bothered. But maybe writing will help me feel better…let’s hope.

Tomorrow we’re going to see the doctor to see how the baby is going and to see if I’m any closer to giving birth. Fingers crossed it looks like she’s coming soon.

Till soon, Roseann

Today’s outfit: Summer dress = ASOS maternity online / Gold sandals = ASOS online / Red hand bag = Kate Spade; I love the bright colors of her bags (purchased from Costco, believe it or not!) / Sunglasses = Prada (purchased from David Jones)


Pull-through braid hair
Pull-through braid bun hair style

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