Simple, pretty style - great for dirty hair days...

Today’s feel good hair was inspired by Abby at Twist Me Pretty. I bought Abby’s cute e-book called The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook for just $10 a couple of years ago and lately I’ve found inspiration in its pages. After I got over my morning sickness, or afternoon nausea as it was in my case, I decided to pull myself together and start looking after myself again. I am working through this cute e-book trying out the different hairstyles, say every other day, when I feel inspired and have the time and energy to do it. This hairstyle was on day five of not washing my hair. It stays in place pretty well if your hair is a bit dirtier. I’ve got to say that being pregnant my hair is in really good shape so I’m making the most of it; it’s growing really well, getting longer and even thicker. I’m enjoying it now because after the birth of Sophia, I lost quite a bit of hair – which may or may not happen again. At least I am prepared this time.

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