When you go out and forget that you've left the tap on in the laundry...

So who else out there has suffered from baby brain when you’re pregnant? I have many times, in this and my last pregnancy. Yesterday I turned the tap on in the laundry tub and then proceeded to go to the doctor’s for a blood test. Some 40 minutes later after I got home again, I hear an upset husband’s voice coming from the laundry re the water overflow…whoops-a-daisy. Oh well, at least I have a good excuse at the moment…not sure how I could have explained myself otherwise! It’s amazing how some things just completely go out of your mind when you are focused or should I say distracted by other things, like a baby poking their foot or elbow out of your already very stretched belly. These are just some of the joys of pregnancy. At least at the end of it all you get to hold a beautiful little creation in your hands that makes it all so worthwhile. Hope you’re all having a great week. Till soon, Roseann

P.S. Special thanks to my cousin at Photography by Rachel for the lovely photograph in my last pregnancy at around 38 weeks.

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