My sweet little girls

“April macht was er will” is a German saying that I learnt while living in Switzerland. It basically means that April does what it wants i.e. it could be sunny and warm one day and then cold and raining the next. It’s a time when the seasons are changing and are still making up their mind each day what it will be like. I feel like April was really all over the place for me and my little family. Our baby girl Amelia was quite unwell and we had to spend on and off about two weeks in hospital. I’ve now learnt that having a baby in hospital is one of the worst things in the world. I never knew how hard it would be and I must admit, it was really hard. It’s hard enough sleeping in a chair for a week, even though it was a comfy chair…still it’s a chair and nothing like sleeping in your own bed at home. I missed my family at home and worried about being away from Sophia and Phil…and my little dog Milly. But the hardest part about being in hospital is seeing your little baby laying there with tubes attached, helping her to breathe and eat and feeling hopeless and helpless. It’s a sickening feeling knowing that there is no medicine that can take away a virus. You just have to trust in your baby being strong enough to get through it…and to have the will to do it. The doctors and nurses offer as much support as possible and they do an amazing job at it too. On that note, I have to commend the staff at Campbelltown Public Hospital for the amazing support they gave us over the past few weeks and are continuing to give us with follow-up appointments.

That said, I’m happy to report we are on the road to recovery and things are going well. We are all home and happy…and I’m getting to sleep again which is great. My bed never felt so fantastic as it does now. Gotta say I do love my bed! One of the best investments we’ve made recently.

So to close, I’ll add a picture of my girls together again and making me smile as always…

My baby girls
Home together again

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