"The reward of a thing well done is to have done it" by Ralph Waldo Emerson

I was going to put a nice photo of myself up today but with a pimple on my chin I wisely decided against it…hence you get to look at a lovely unknown woman instead, drinking coffee and looking quite pleased with herself.

It’s Australia Day today and unfortunately the weather is a bit so so…hence we are at home and drinking a hot chai latte actually feels like a good idea. Wait a minute…must get a drink while I write this. Phil and I are home bodies at the moment which is fine by me; being so heavily pregnant I don’t mind taking it easy at home at all. Plus we are getting lots of little jobs done around the house that we’ve wanted to do for ages and it feels really relaxing. I feel good actually, like I’m easing into the arrival of the birth of this new baby.

Anyway, I’ve done lots of reading about blogs and marketing and social media etc and I’ve learnt that apparently Tuesdays are the best day to post things so Tuesdays from now on it is. Makes life easier blogging when they tell you what the best day to post is…good thing is I don’t have to or want to reinvent the wheel, I’m happy to go with what works best. Another great thing I’ve learnt about blogging is that I can stop, grab a drink and for example like now, a cream/finger bun, and enjoy eating while I write. I also just hung up a load of clean washing and put on another i.e. it is very convenient to do while at home with kids. I’m also enjoying finding inspiration to write about different topics; I love my mind just wondering and ticking over with an endless list of ideas floating around in my head. Needless to say, I’m really enjoying this time…can you tell?!?!

Sophia’s up in her bed at the moment. She’s not asleep yet but she may drop off soon. The good thing is that she knows it’s rest time whether she sleeps or not. This also gives me a bit of time to do whatever I want or need to get done. Lately I’ve been enjoying bit of an afternoon nap myself while she’s laying down…the pregnancy is starting to make me really tired and sleepy now in the afternoons.

Phil has just finished bottling his latest brew and I think also just finished cleaning up his beer mess in the kitchen which I don’t mind at all. Actually it’s something very Australian to do on Australia Day 🙂

I’ve done some de-cluttering of our house lately. This month I’ve focused on the kitchen, pantry and now the fridge. I’ve actually been following along via this lady’s website, where she sets tasks that are “15 Minute De-cluttering Missions. Her Facebook group is Declutter 365. It’s so much easier to tackle a small task of 15 minutes than a whole room, which could take all day. It could be the nesting pregnancy urge in me or it could just be that I love organizing and de-cluttering things that it’s going so well. Anyway I can highly recommend it if you want to join in…I’m assuming you can pick it up at any point in the year and follow along. Happy de-cluttering.

I was looking at this quote today “The reward of a thing well done is to have done it” by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I love this quote and it inspired me today to write this blog post. Even if I have nothing major to say, I’ve at least done something and I feel better because of it. I’ve added just that bit of extra content to my site so you get to know me a bit more and know what I’m up to, kind of like a day in the life of Roseann Reichert.

Well I hope you are all well and remember to keep smiling, Roseann


  1. Phil | 31st Jan 16

    Pregnancy and hot chocolate go together like romance and Mills & Boons.

    • Roseann | 31st Jan 16

      Ha! Yes – thanks for making me so many lovely hot chocolates 🙂

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