10 things they don't tell you before you're pregnant...

Okay so I’m 39 weeks pregnant and my baby has given me several false alarms over the last two weeks and I’m kind of getting a bit tired and over it now…as most pregnant women would understand at this stage. So in my cheesy state, I decided to write a post about all the weird things I’ve experienced during this pregnancy and my last one, that they don’t always tell you about. So here goes:

  1.  Your feet slowly start to get bigger…and you can’t wear the same shoes anymore. I know on Pinterest you see lovely photos of women wearing great outfits and high heel shoes but they must be the exception to the rule cause I don’t know how they do it…or they just put the shoes on for the photo and then take them off again. Either way, your feet will probably get tired and a bit puffy, especially towards the end of your pregnancy and like in my case, that is now! One bonus about this point is that you can buy news shoes and you have a good excuse 😉
  2. You can’t reach your feet anymore to cut your toenails. It does get very tricky the bigger you get so you either need to get pedicures, which is wonderful, or you need to find a nice family member willing to help you out. My husband “doesn’t do feet” so for me it’s off to the beauty salon for a pedicure which I love!
  3. You’ve probably heard about the gas and burping you’ll probably experience. Don’t worry, your husband will get used to it and he has to understand anyway. It basically happens because you digest your food slower so it gives it more time to ferment and therefore create gas…wonderful, right?
  4. After you have the baby, your hair may decide to fall out. Don’t worry, it probably won’t all fall out at once but you will notice it in the shower and when you comb your hair when it’s wet. I noticed it also when I slowly saw a line of baby fuzz hair growing around the edge of my face…which actually went all around the head to the back also. You have to get creative and learn different hairstyles to cover it up. Luckily my husband didn’t notice so much…well not until I pointed it out to him which was a few months later and I knew it was growing back thank goodness.
  5. Your boobs will change. They’ll either get bigger or smaller or both and then perhaps sag a little. Better get some good bras to support yourself as best possible to support their shape.
  6. Piles or hemorrhoids. Do I need to explain more? It’s such a gross subject but it happens to some women so best to inform yourself and be prepared.
  7. During pregnancy your body changes shape around your ribs…they spread to allow more room for your organs, breathing and the baby underneath. So your bras will get tighter and you’ll need bigger ones…but also some jackets and tops won’t fit around that part of your body anymore.
  8. Towards the end of your pregnancy your back may get sore which is understandable due to all the extra weight and pressure. Luckily that hopefully won’t last too long but it may do, so try to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible, especially in bed at night. I found that when we bought our new bed I have slept so much better with this pregnancy than I did my last pregnancy – thank goodness!
  9. You can bleed a lot more. This is because you have so much extra blood pumping around your body to look after the baby. This includes your gums when you brush or floss your teeth. I found that when I accidentally cut myself, even minor, it would bleed so much more! I was out at the shops recently and something very small fell off a shelf and scratched my leg and it would not stop bleeding. It was a little embarrassing as it was so little and it was running down my leg. What the!?!?!
  10. Finally, after my last pregnancy I found that my tummy muscles had split down the middle. It’s not uncommon but you need to let your tummy heal for a bit otherwise you could hurt yourself. Don’t worry, it does normally close over again. But I found it gross when they would put a couple of fingers between the gap to say “oh yes that’s a three finger gap” you need to heal…so basically my guts were exposed 😉 Gross I know but another wonderful thing I only found out at the time. Surprise surprise 🙂

So there you go; this just highlights a few things you might not have thought of or even been aware of…but perhaps you have, or are now, and can relate.

On a more positive note, the next post I write about this topic will include all the wonderful things that pregnancy and childbirth brings. So till then, wish me luck…seriously not long for me to go now. Maybe I’ll have a Valentine’s baby…

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